Welcome to Canchelo’s!

We are finally launching our small family business and this wonderful website that mimenuonline.com designed for us.

We want you to know our Chimichurri sauce, which for years has been a total success in all the BBQ’s, because it makes the meat shine and leaves all the people wanting more!

I want to introduce myself, because it might seem strange that the about me page is all about Julio Cesar and now we are speaking in plural.

I’m Carolina, Julio’s partner of twelve years, and the one responsible for sharing with you recipes and interesting news in this Blog and social media.

I’m very proud of the hard work with which we have put into this project, the dream of a 35 years old man willing to risk everything for his passion. I’m sure it will be a total success! So in a near future we’ll be able to offer you other Latin American sauces just as delicious as our chimichurri sauce.

I’ll let the Chimichurri sauce speak for itself though with its taste and quality. You can judge it by yourself!

The reason for this post is to thank you for your trust if you are already one of our customers and if not, go for it!

And tell us what you thought by leaving us a comment on Twitter or Facebook and tagging us @canchelos. Because your opinion is the most important thing for us and will help us enormously to grow and keep going the good way.

You have three flavours to taste depending on how spicy you like your food: ORIGINAL, MILD and HOT. Although large jars are only available in Mild, but have a look at the shop and you’ll see we are working on it, so original and chilli version are coming very soon.

We are passionate in what we do, and for that reason we only produce 100% natural Chimichurri sauces, sourcing them with the best ingredients and packaging them with love, and we hope that this is reflected in our brand.


Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Canchelo’s team Xx

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