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This artisan sauce made with Canchelo’s traditional Uruguayan family recipe is a blend of herbs infused in the finest olive oil and vinegar. It will enhance the taste of your meals, particularly grilled and roasted meats. Also it can be used as a fish marinade and salad dressing.


A non spicy delicious way to eat Chimichurri

Our most popular chimichurri sauce

Hot, hot, hot….

for spicy lovers

About me

“I don’t just sell a delicious chimichurri sauce, it’s about how I care about every step of the process, to deliver a unique Latin flavour with quality in every jar I produce.”

I’m Julio Cesar, a 35 years old father of two from Uruguay, who jumped into the entrepreneur world recently to pursue a life-long dream.

For my family, “asado” and chimichurri sauce has been part of our tradition and lifestyle. I learnt about this chimichurri recipe as a child playing football around family BBQ’s. I left my country to live in Europe 16 years ago, and there hasn’t been a day when I stopped doing what I enjoy most and do best in life.

Somehow I ended up being the “BBQ MAN” to my friends in London, and to be honest I love it. There is nothing that makes me happier than cooking roasted meat and producing my own chimichurri sauce, whilst I drink some “mates” surrounded by friends and family.

This is what life is really about, enjoying and sharing what we love, isn’t it?

London food diversity is great! And as a street food market lover, I’m always trying new flavours from all around the world to help me be creative and make a difference, so I made it my mission to introduce my chimichurri sauces to food market with only the finest, 100% natural and freshest sourced ingredients.

Canchelo’s chimichurri sauce is a great way to add a healthy and tasty sauce adding a unique twist to your meals.

“Bring the sun to your kitchen, your meals will shine”

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